I decided to make a self made home automation system in my apartment. The reason is that I figured out that turning on and off my heating when I am not around reduces my electricity bill by 50%. My current schedule is to turn off the heating when I leave the house and turn it on 1 hour before I come back home. I do the same thing with the heating in my bedroom. The heating there is turned on about an hour before I go to sleep and I turn it off during the day. However there are exceptions from these rules especailly around holidays, so an automation system should also be very configurable.

If you have tried to develop some rails application on Rails + Ruby 1.9.1 and MySQL database and you are storing non-English characters in your database probably you had a lot of pain with errors about incompatible charsets. This is a known problem and there is even a bug in Rails’ lighthouse for it. There is even a hack which is going around the issue. The solution is not perfect, but it works in most of the cases.

These days I am working on a large change in our corporate website. It includes a lot of functional changes as well as a lot of little text tweaks here and there. Our process for making these changes is that the marketing people go through the whole site and generate a large document, which includes all the modifications that should be made. After that the developers go through the large doc and start making the changes. The problem is that this process is very inefficient. This is because of the following reasons: